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Pantanal safari

Why choose?

Safaris in Pantanal is a tour where you have the opportunity to explore and observe all the animals of the Pantanal with trails, 4x4 day and night Safari, boat trips and etc ...


Please remember: This itinerary is just an example, we can to do whatever you want, we can change the actives conform your choise. Also your guide is an expert about wildlife in Pantanal, and they know where to find the animals and birds.

DAY 01

The guide will pick you up in Cuiabá at the airport and transport you to the Pantanal. Departure from Cuiabá to Piuval lodge (about 1:30, 2:00 hours journey).
The first travel is about one hour 100km to Poconé (The last town), and then enter the Transpantaneira Highway the largest floored area in the word. We continue our drive further 7 km into Piuval lodge, that is the first lodge on the Transpantaneira highway. Keep your eyes open because on the way from Poconé to Piuval we can spot South American Coati, Yellow Anaconda, Toucans, Lowland Tapir, Hyacinth Macaws, Caiman, Giant anteater and a host of other animals and birds.
Arrive at the lodge for lunch, break for a rest after lunch and we start or activities again 15:30, at Piuval Lodge we will go out by safari car and we will look for birds and mammals like tapir, giant anteater, dears, south American coatis, crab eating fox, crab eating raccon and many others animals. Accommodation & Dinner at hotel at the evening.

DAY 02

Early morning before sunrise we go out try to spot the giant anteater, Piuval have a lot of termites on the ground and the anteaters lives around that, we have spotted this year more than 5 differents anteaters, one of then was a mother with a cub on the back. After the early safari we will go back to the lodge for breakfast 7:00. After breakfast we have a quickly break and we start again or safari by safari car 8:00. We will go out looking for everything, and in special birds, Piuval is a special place for falcons, storks, macaws and many others birds species. Go back to the lodge around 10:00 and we have lunch 12:00, break for rest after lunch and we leave again 15:30 for a safari car around Piuval farm. Piuval is a big farm of 7.000 hectares including a very big lake that we can spot many mammals and birds around that.

DAY 03

Early safari before sunrise by safari car around the Piuval farm looking for lesser tamandua and giant anteater, also birds species, go back to breakfast 7:00 and go out again 8:00 looking for mammals and others kinds of animals and birds. Go back to the lodge 10:00 and have lunch 12:00. Leave the Piuval lodge around 14:00, and drive 26km doing a safari car to Pouso Alegre Lodge, (The times can be organized with your guide). Arrive there and continuous doing a safari around the place looking for animals and birds. 

Accommodation & Dinner at hotel at the evening.
Pouso Alegre is others big farm about 32.000 hectares, with many differents birds species and mammals with a very rich fauna and differents

There they have a special fitter for toucans and birds, every day early morning they put some papaya and seeds to the birds. The birds and the toucans came every morning around 5:40 and stay there per 2 hours almost 4 meters of us. 

DAY 04

Early morning around 5:30 we go to the hide for spot the toucans and birds on the fetter. We will stay there watching the birds per almost 2 hours (This depends of you, it’s whatever you want) and we will have break around 7:00 or 8:00 depends of you. After breakfast we leave by safari car looking for birds and animals in Pouso Alegre, there your guide will choose between trail,safari car, walk watching birds and many others activates, this depends of the wetter, time of the day and many other factor you’re your guide can understand. Go back to the lodge 10:00 and have lunch 12:00, break after lunch and we start or safari again 15:30 looking for birds and others animals, we stay out almost to 19:00 doing 
safari and also a night safari for spot nocturnes animals like ocelot, tapir, lesser tamandua, and some special nocturnes birds like great pooto, night herons, owls. Accommodation & Dinner at hotel at the evening.

DAY 05

Early morning 5:30 go to the fetter for spot the birds and have breakfast around 7:00 or 8:00. Go out for safari and some trail inside the Pouso Alegre farm looking for animals and birds. Your guide will be with you all the time and telling you the name of the animals and about the behavior of that. Go back to the lodge around 10:00 and have lunch 12:00. After lunch quick break to organize the bags and we leave to Porto Jofre (“jaguar area”) around 13:00 by car. We continue our drive further 80 km into JAGUAR ECOLOGICAL RESERVE, passing through several different ecosystems. Keep your eyes open because on the way from Pouso Alegre to JAGUAR ECOLOGICAL RESERVE we can spot Marsh Deer, South American Coati, Yellow Anaconda, Toucans, Lowland Tapir, Hyacinth Macaws, Caimans and a host of other animals and birds. 
Get to the lodge late afternoon. Accommodation & Dinner at hotel.

DAY 06 TO DAY 10

Breakfast early morning 6:00 (You can adjust the time of the breakfast with your guide and lodge if you want a sunrise experience.) We leave the hotel in a motorboat looking for jaguar along the tree brother river, Cuiabá river in the state park meet of water, this is one of the three largest protect area in Pantanal. With its high density of jaguar prey, including caiman and big groups of capybara the state park meet of water contains one of the pantanal’s highest concentration of these chances to see jaguars, quite often the jaguars can be seen on the river bank and this becomes more common in the period from June to November. The jaguars can be laydown per a long time on the river bank resting and many of them at very close. We will also encounter other interesting wildlife, including Giant River Otters, Caimans, Capibaras, Tapirs, Yellow Anaconda, Howler Monkeys and many birds species including the magnificent Toco Toucan and Hyacinth Macaw. The Pantanal is also one of the best places in the word for view birds containing more than 600 species of birds. We are going to spend around 10-12 hours on the river (all day), we will have a lunch on the bolt with us picnic-style, lunch sometimes watching a jaguar. Lunch while anchored along the river with plenty of opportunities to take a safe bathroom break on the beach as necessary. Late afternoon we return to the lodge.
We believe that you are looking for a single experience in Pantanal and with jaguar, and we know that the jaguar is very unexpected, so we choose for don’t come back to the lodge for lunch and bring the food with us for you never lose any unforgettable memory.

DAY 11

After breakfast, departure from the lodge for a last nature exploration of this single area, arrive in Cuiabá in time for your flight at airport or hotel. End of the trip.

Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil.

+55 65 996117037

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