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Hotel & accommodations

Jaguar Ecological Reserve is the only hotel located in the heart of the Pantanal, one of the most privileged regions for the natural beauty of the Pantanal, which has a diverse fauna and exuberant flora. So we can offer our guests a unique and unforgettable experience


Jaguar Ecological Reserve is unique to have 18 paired hyacinth macaws living in the palms and trees at the lodge. The Hyacinth macaw is an endangered and difficult bird to comfortably observe in the wild, connecting you even more to the local fauna of the Pantanal.

Jaguar Eco Lodge offers a natural, home from home bush camp feel with understated elegance and, a sense of luxury, relaxation and tranquillity. With your own private chef and guide, guests experience comfort and an incredible sense of space in their own secluded piece of Pantanal.

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Charming with modern accents and dark wood finishes, our rooms offers a master en-suite bedroom with a king-size bed

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Jaguar Ecological Reserve offers a very rustic but comfortable feel. Every detail has been thought for  our guests to experience the Pantanal at its fullest and to feel connected with nature at every moment of your stay.

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