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Jaguar safari

03 nights


Please remember: This itinerary is just an example, we can to do whatever you want, we can change the actives conform your choise. Also your guide is an expert about wildlife in Pantanal, and they know where to find the animals and birds.

DAY 01

In Cuiabá you are going to meet our staff and drive to Pocone 100 km from airport Lunch there Churrascaria Pantaneira , in Pocone start our safari on the transpantaneira high way Keep your eyes peeled for endangered marsh deer, South American coati, anaconda, giant anteater, toco toucans, tapirs, armadillos, hyacinth macaws, and a host of other animals and birds. Arrive to the lodge later in the afternoon.. Overnight at Jaguar Ecological Reserve ,and nocturnal safari after dinner Here we'll begin our full day searches for jaguars along the riverbanks of Sao Lourenco River(also called Tree Brothers river) .Cuiaba river,Piquiri river too best area to view jaguars in the entire pantanal.

DAY 02

Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park (3 brothers river is into this state Park) After an early breakfast, we leave. In Porto Jofre we take our motorboats to search for Jaguars along the three rivers that form the the Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park, this park is one of the three largest protected areas in the entire Pantanal. With its high density of jaguar prey, including caiman and capybara, the Encontro das Aguas (Meeting of the Waters) State Park contains one of the Pantanal's highest concentrations of these big cats. Close to the tiny settlement of Porto Jofre, at the confluence of three river systems - the Piquiri, Cuiaba and Tres Irmaos - this site gives access to more than 100km of pristine waterway. The animals here are accustomed to humans so boats can often approach to within four or five metres. We have around 80% chances to see Jaguars, quite often jaguars can be seen on the river banks, many of them at very close range for extended periods, specially from June to November. We will also encounter other interesting wildlife, including giant river otters, caimans, tapirs, anacondas,howler monkeys, capybaras, and many bird species. Enjoy a picnic-style lunch while anchored along the river with plenty of opportunities to take a safe bathroom break on the beaches as necessary. Late afternoon we return to the lodge.

DAY 03

Early morning walk around the lodge, to identify birds and probably Monkeys as well. Breakfast at lodge. Afterward, walk in the forest to see Birds, Monkeys and other mammals such as Coati, Azara’s Agouti and Armadillo. Lunch at lodge and take a siesta or enjoy time to relax. Afterward drive(about 1 hour) south on Transpantaneira to beautiful marshes of campo Jofre to see more Birds species, Anacondas, Capybaras, Caiman and hopefully Jaguar or other Cat species. Enjoy a spectacular sunset ove the wetlands return to the lodge for dinner.

DAY 04

Have a breakfast and after we drive back to Cuiaba Airport.

Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil.

+55 65 996117037

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