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Birdwatching and Jaguar/Ocelot Safari 

08 nights

Why choose ?

Bridwatching is a special tour for birds in the Pantanal where we have 650 species. Also counting on a guide Eduardo Falcão a birdman with more than 40 years of experience.


Please remember: This itinerary is just an example, we can to do whatever you want, we can change the actives conform your choise. Also your guide is an expert about wildlife in Pantanal, and they know where to find the animals and birds.

First two days

The guide will pick you up in Cuiabá at the airport and transport you to the Pantanal. Departure from Cuiabá to Piuval lodge (about 1:30, 2:00 hours journey).
The first travel is about one hour 100km to Poconé (The last town), and then enter the Transpantaneira Highway the largest floored area in the word. We continue our drive further 7 km into Piuval lodge, that is the first lodge on the Transpantaneira highway. Keep your eyes open because on the way from Poconé to Piuval we can spot South American Coati, Yellow Anaconda, Toucans, Lowland Tapir, Hyacinth Macaws, Caiman, Giant anteater and a host of other animals and birds.
Arrive at the lodge for lunch, break for a rest after lunch and we start or activities again 15:30, at Piuval Lodge we will go out by safari car and we will look for birds and mammals like tapir, giant anteater, dears, south American coatis, crab eating fox, crab eating raccon and many others animals. Accommodation & Dinner at hotel at the evening.

DAY 03 and day 04

Pousada Rio Claro is one of the best places photograph the beautiful Agami Heron and the Black Hooded Parakeet. Our birding safari here also offers great opportunities to enjoy incredible Pantanal landscapes with one of the best native bird guides, Eduardo Falcão de Arruda.

Day 05 to day 08

Jaguar Ecological Reserve is where you can enjoy your private back porch with hyacinth macaws, toucans, and many other bird species. At dusk we offer night safaris where you have the best opportunity to see ocelots, tapirs, deer, crab-eating foxes and many other nocturnal species.

Jaguar Ecological Reserve is home to first generation of jaguar safaris with guides native to the land, pioneering this unique tour. Jaguar Ecological Reserve is you gateway into visiting the only place in the world you can observe wild jaguars.

Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil.

+55 65 996117037

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